IAC carries a wide variety of products to meet your energy-saving insulation needs.  Most items below are stocked in our warehouse and are available for immediate pickup.  Through our distributor, an even larger range of products are available with very short lead time.


IAC is proud to offer the following products.  Click on any for more information.

Duct Liner Insulation

Duct Liner Accessories

Duct Liner Adhesives

Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation Saddles / Shields

Exterior Duct & Equipment Insulation

Grease Duct / Plenum Wrap Insulations

High Temperature Equipment / Breeching Insulation

Insulated Fitting Covers for Pipe

Insulation Jacketing

Insulation Jacketing Accessories

Insulation Tapes, Mastics, and Adhesives